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Features and Materials

VZ 2.0 - Vego Garden’s Latest Innovation

As the pioneering metal garden bed manufacturer, Vego Garden is never satisfied with the status quo. We strive to continually develop better materials and improve our gardening products so that we are always offering you our best. We are proud to continue our partnership with the global leader Akzo Nobel to offer USDA compliant paint, suitable for organic gardening.

Further, we are tremendously excited to introduce a new metal to our product line, the first of its kind in the gardening industry - a Zinc, Magnesium, and Aluminum coated steel. We have combined this metal with our award-winning AkzoNobel paint to develop a new material which we call VZ 2.0. The first material of its kind, VZ 2.0’s exceptional performance has been verified at the Texas A&M National Corrosion & Materials Reliability Lab.

Vego garden beds

100% Non-toxic, USDA-approved, Eco Friendly Materials

The soil, seeds, and fertilizers you grow in are only part of your food’s journey. The container you garden in impacts the soil contained within it, and the fruits and vegetables you eat.
VZ 2.0 combines durable metal researched at Texas A&M with the only USDA certified paint to make garden beds so clean you could eat off of them. What better place to grow your food!
Vego garden beds

The First Material Of Its Kind

VZ 2.0 is a highly corrosion-resistant steel substrate, hot-dip-coated in a specialized layer of Zinc, Aluminum, and about 3% Magnesium. While Aluzinc is quite impervious, the addition of Magnesium to this formula revolutionizes the metal’s ability to resist corrosion, especially on cut or raw edges. Over time as a cut edge of the metal is exposed, the Zinc and Magnesium work together to form a protective film, sealing the exposed steel substrate and protecting it from rust and corrosion.
Vego garden beds

How Does It Compare?

After extensively testing VZ 2.0 in our own facilities, we sought the expertise of the world-renowned Texas A&M National Corrosion Laboratory to independently test the performance of our new material, comparing it to both our competitors and our own existing material. The study at Texas A&M confirmed that in neutral environments, Vego Garden’s V1 Aluzinc material and VZ 2.0 performances were comparable, and both performed better than our competitors’ current materials.
Where VZ 2.0 really shines is its performance in highly alkaline and highly acidic environments. As every gardener knows, different crops prefer different environments. The composting process releases ammonia gases, increasing the alkalinity of the soil, whereas many organic fertilizers contain manures and tend to be acidic. VZ 2.0’s anti-corrosion performance far outpaces its counterparts in these more extreme environments. Further, VZ 2.0 has been shown in lab tests to be superior in high heat and high humidity conditions.

Some Features You Already Love

The paint we use for our beds is from AkzoNobel, and is specially blended for the farming industry. They are the world-leading paint manufacturer; a merger between two companies, one of which is the company owned by and named for the chemist Nobel for whom the Peace Prize is named. Our paint is designed to withstand high ammonia environments, and provides a superior seal against animal manure and harsh fertilizers. Our paint is food-grade and USDA Certified.

Vego garden beds

Superior Heat Reflection

VZ 2.0 retains a superior albedo capacity. Albedo is another name for reflectivity, a measurement of how much light that hits a surface is reflected without being absorbed. Research shows that soil in galvanized steel stays at a more optimal, stable temperature when compared with wooden, concrete and dark plastic beds, which soak up summer sun during the day and stay hot into the night. Research also shows that galvanized steel beds have extra benefits including improved fruit set rate, blush color and maturity.
Vego garden beds

No Soil Contamination

While treated wood and plastic degrade under extreme temperatures, VZ 2.0 has been tested to ensure that it will not leach chemicals into the soil. This helps ensure the highest quality soil for organic gardening.
Vego garden beds

Sustainably Organic Material

With a long 20+ year life, VZ 2.0 is an environmentally-sustainable material. Not only is it 100% recyclable, steel is also the world’s most recycled material. The long lifespan reduces the environmental cost of producing and transporting replacement materials over time.
Vego garden beds

In Conclusion

Here at Vego Garden, we love to have fun, but never compromise on quality. Our beds are built with longevity in mind. We consider all possible factors when designing our products and are always striving to improve.So, as always, keep an eye out for additional innovations from the Vego Garden family!

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